April 23, 2019

What can you actually let go of? You can let go of extra. Extra creates confusion and difficulty for you. This letting go is important. The more you do it, the more you enter your essential nature. Your essential nature has no extra.

How do you let go of extra? By connecting to the taste of there is a body. Knowing there is a body shows you that you are not your body. You are that which knows. Whatever happens to the body, the reality of your existence remains intact.

When you are connected to the body, you are present, and when you’re present, you have wisdom. Many things that you can’t figure out, you know just by being present. That knowing is already in you, but it 
is blocked by incorrect perception. When you’re not present, your perception is wrong, and creates distance between you and reality. You believe your misperceptions and become identified with them. To see something as it actually is, you first have to be yourself. You have to be present.

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