April 26, 2019

It’s been said, “God is everything there is, but you cannot find God unless you find yourself.”

When you find yourself, you see that what you find
is not in your thoughts, not in your feelings, and not
in your body. You get a taste of what Consciousness means. Your consciousness is conscious of the part and the whole, simultaneously.

Fortunately, this begins very simply—know your body breathes by knowing you are inhaling, then knowing you are exhaling. When you really know body breathes, you know how to manifest in life.

Becoming familiar with the body doesn’t mean studying anatomy and physiology. It means coming to the taste of the body’s existence. First Existence is, then you are, then there is a body. And the body is not separate from all that exists. And therefore, neither are you! When body and mind and feelings are one, working as a unit, the taste you receive of that unity is Consciousness. Consciousness is the taste of these three parts simultaneously.

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