April 8, 2019

Every “end” is the beginning of another cycle. Even death is not an “ending.” You enter into a new dimension. This happens every second, with each inhalation and exhalation. Because you don’t know that, you think you are always the same person. But it’s not so. Moment after moment, new universe, new you. With each inhalation and exhalation, you are new.

Who is that “you” whose past you picture? There is nothing in the universe that stays where it was, as it was. People, animals, plants, even stone and iron— nothing stays as it was. So you cannot be that “you” whose past you “remember.”

Say you are sitting by a river, and you put your hand into the water. Can you put your hand in that river twice? You can’t. The second time you put your hand in, it’s not the same river anymore. With each breath, you are a different person. You look in the mirror, and you imagine you see the same body. Everyone always calls you by the same name, so you think, “I am John and this is how I look,” because of that image and that name. So as long as you think you are this body and this name, you don’t enter into the reality of yourself. The truth of your existence is nameless and formless.

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