August 2, 2018

What’s the value of knowledge? When knowledge has a Conscious source, it can have great value. But if you only stick to the thought of that knowledge, and you think “I know,” that is damaging. It becomes an obstacle that keeps you from seeing, like covering your eyes with your hands.

If you think “I don’t know,” that is even more damaging than “I know.” Then you think you can rest comfortably in sleep, in the passive state. But if you see you don’t know, you have some useful knowledge.

There is only one thing in the entire Existence that is real—you, yourself. Only when you taste I exist can knowledge be truth for you. Without that taste, there is no real understanding.

Knowledge is very important, but it needs to become Being-knowledge. Once it becomes Being-knowledge, it can help you.

The mind is like a mirror that only reflects the “surface” of knowledge back to us. But we need Being to make that knowledge transparent. Then we can see through our knowledge so it can become understanding.