August 5, 2019

When you have an energy blockage, your body may communicate this to you in the form of pain. By itself, pain isn’t bad. But when you take it to your mind and add worry and fear, it becomes suffering.

Pain may communicate something useful to us. Suffering doesn’t. We translate pain into suffering because the mind doesn’t understand pain. We never learned about the nature of tension, its meaning, and how to deal with it. So, we’re unable to let go of even simple tensions, and they turn into pain. Yet it is possible to learn to keep the body more free of tension, more flexible. That saves a tremendous amount of energy, and that energy gives us a certain strength. Breema orients us to come to the body for support—to bring the mind to the body. As our self-knowledge and relationship with our body grows, we translate our pain into suffering less often.

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