August 6, 2018

Strange as it may seem, the child of society can become an asset to those who find a real aim for their life. This “monster,” with all its acquired wants, its competitiveness, its wish to get to the “top” regardless of the cost, can be very useful for the person who wakes up to the reality of his or her situation. The child of society can serve as a constant reminder of the need to remain awake. We need to remain on the “tightrope” of being present. When you are on the tightrope, you see both the child of society and the child of Existence. Your direction is to remain on the tightrope and take step after step towards raising your level of consciousness.

This overview, this picture of our situation is not something to believe, just because you read it. You have to look and see if that’s really so for you. That looking, that process of verification can’t be done in your head. If you try to do that with thoughts, another thought can come and wash away the previous ones, leaving you with nothing real. To have self-verified knowledge, you need mind, feelings, and body to work together. And that’s not so easy. First, we have to bring them together. We start by bringing the mind to the activity of the body. When these two remain together long enough, the feelings join in. When the feelings come together with the mind and body, we experience the presence of a new energy. That’s the beginning of being present.