August 8, 2018

Being present is very joyful. When you are present, everything that exists participates in whatever you are doing. There is one unified Existence. Everything comes from the same Source. If one photon is manifesting, it means the entire universe is manifesting, because there is one Existence. When you are present, you are doing Breema. You are manifesting from the child of Existence, the direct, non-verbal aspect of yourself, which is a dimension of consciousness that can receive an impression of things as they are. That means that first, you know by taste, and then, you may express that taste in words.

When we are caught in the child of society, we don’t remember how it is to be with the child of Existence. So we have to set up our mind with some reminders that can support us. For example, your mind can remind you to come to the breath and weight of the body. When we connect to the process of inhalation and exhalation, or to the body having weight, we are more available and can receive support to connect to the child of Existence.