August 9, 2019

We live most of our life using only one of our three parts at any given time, so we function with only a small fraction of our potential energy. If we wish to have enough energy to move towards greater health, we need to bring our three centers together.

When the mind connects to the body, the feelings may eventually join in and participate too. When these three work together, the body’s natural healing energy becomes available. This is the principle behind real health—moving from diversity to unity.

Why aren’t our three parts already united? If we could accurately observe ourselves, we’d see that we habitually use a very limited number of body postures, even though they are often not useful or beneficial for us. This rigidity in the way we use our body is mirrored in our mental postures—the conditioned attitudes we’ve adopted without any inner verification process. Our emotional patterns are also crystallized. We react to life by manifesting those rigid patterns, instead of responding to life with our mind, body, and feelings working together in harmony. To move towards real health, we need to rise above the mechanical level of consciousness in which body, mind, and feelings function reactively. Body-mind connection is the beginning of this movement.

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