December 7, 2018

If you ask yourself, “Where am I?” you can see 
that most of the time, you are lost. But when the mind is with the body, and the feelings join them, you are no longer lost. You are invited to become truly human—mind, feelings, and body united and functioning as one.

When you’re practicing Breema bodywork, firmness doesn’t mean try to touch the recipient firmly. It means bring your mind to be present with the activity of your body. Gentleness doesn’t mean try
to touch with sensitivity, with some sentiment or emotional quality. It means be receptive to your own body, so you have an overall sense of your body. How can you have that? By being present. Like every principle, Firmness and Gentleness guides you to become present.

In actual firmness, there is gentleness. Firmness 
by itself is not actually firmness. It is force, and it separates you. Bringing in gentleness reconnects you. When you are only in your mind, you get lost in thoughts and lose connection. The more you work with Firmness and Gentleness, the more you discover that in real firmness, your feelings are also supporting you. Body and mind are together, and you are present. Only in the present moment can you be firm and gentle simultaneously. Ultimately, Firmness and Gentleness means participation of Consciousness and Conscience.

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