Essence of Breema: August 2006

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

To become connected to the reality of your existence, you only need to see “I exist.” It’s so difficult for the mind to accept it could be that simple. But it’s actually even simpler than that. Before even saying the words “I exist,” Existence is there. Just as the sun shines and the moon reflects, our temporary aspect is a reflection of our eternal aspect. That’s why coming to the fact that body breathes, that there is a body, gives us a taste of something higher within us, something that exists. That is Consciousness.

The taste of “I have a body” is not a taste of something. That taste itself is the body. And it becomes our connection to everything that exists.

Your existence is simple. Your relationship to Existence is simple. The truth of your being is simple. The purpose of your life is simple. Then how to arrive at that simplicity? This question gives you direction. Where do you find complication? Always in the past and future. Where do you find simplicity? In the present. So the I that exists and is real must be in the present. Any true understanding you have must be simple, and must be in the present. Meaning and purpose also are simple and must be in the present. The present is the answer to your life.

Water flows from the mountain down toward the ocean. It is not anxious to get there, nor is it sorry when it’s just begun to flow. Just going through each step of the process, the drop of water has the joy of being a part of Existence in the form of a drop. This is how our life could be.

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