Essence of Breema: December 2005

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

Breema is simple. Say you’re sitting. As soon as you know you’re sitting, that’s Breema. You are breathing. As soon as you know you are breathing, that’s Breema. When you’re looking at something, as soon as you know you’re looking, what you receive from the knowledge you are looking is giving you Breema. Whatever you look at when you are present is giving you Breema, and you are giving Breema to it.

In the unity of everything that exists, you can see your thoughts, feelings, and sensations as events of life. You become aware of the events. We need to learn a lot to be able to see that thoughts and Consciousness are two different things. Usually we have thoughts, but we are not conscious. And sometimes you have a taste of being Conscious, but there are no thoughts. Once this becomes clear for you, your aim is to come to prefer Consciousness over thought. Then slowly, your Consciousness grows. That means it includes you. Your real Consciousness is the direct emanation of your “I,” which itself is the direct emanation of your true nature.

The child of society and the child of Existence live in two different dimensions. When you’re in the dimension of the child of Existence, all the moments in which you were in harmony with yourself are present for you. If your aim is to live as much of your life as you can in the dimension of the child of Existence, you have to “set up” your mind, and plant some reminders there. Then your mind can suggest some things for you to do, things that can support you. That’s how you can neutralize some of the influence of the child of society, at least to the degree that there’s an opening, so something from a higher dimension can come through. For example, when you stay with the weight of your body or your breathing, you become more balanced. That’s something your mind can remember. If you intentionally associate that with some condition or activity or thought, your mind can remind you of it, because it always works associatively. But in this instance, you’ve set up an association that is conducive to your aim, that can help you become more open, so you can again receive from a higher dimension.

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