Essence of Breema: December 2007

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

Our chief difficulty is that we take ourselves to be what we see with our physical eyes, with our sense organs, and also whatever we heard about ourselves in our childhood. We only become free of that conditioning when we are present. The way we think and feel is not how we really think and feel— it’s how we are conditioned to think and feel. We have a conditioned mind, conditioned feelings, conditioned body.
In a moment of being present, we fall in love with reality. But the next second, we forget about it, and we’re back to our conditioning. We want something concrete. We want to make things concrete. But we can’t, because of the Law of Constant Change. But recognizing we had a moment tells us that it’s possible for us to be present. It gives us direction.

Whatever you do, do it as an experiment to learn something about yourself. This way, no matter what happens, you always learn something about yourself from your activity. All outer results are temporary. They come and go. But this way, you can gain something that’s not temporary. Because self-understanding is unchangeable. That which understands is eternal. Information and knowledge change. But understanding only grows.

Gratitude is one thing that increases the positive aspect of life. Always find a few things to be grateful for. That increases your ability to forgive people. It’s extremely important to forgive, because you need well-wishing for everyone and everything that presents itself to you. The world is filled with chaos and negativity. There’s no credit for adding to it.

“Follow the breath” may sound too simple to you, but that’s the actual teaching of the Center. But you can’t follow it in your head. You have to follow it actually. When you are actually doing it, you become free of your past and future. Step by step, you enter into the moment. When you arrive, you see you have always been there. There is one eternal moment. Always present, always available, always real.
Whenever Being is present, it is connected to Beingness, to the totality of everything that exists.

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