Essence of Breema: Excerpts from Breema Center Books September 4, 2018

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from the 2-CD audiobook
"First You Have to Be"

”Living from the heart means your Being is manifesting. The heart never loses track of the meaning of that which is. The heart itself is that is-ness. The first step is to be with the body. When your mind and body are together, the heart contributes its presence.
You are what you see in the mirror, but you are also what produces that image. If you see both, you are seeing from the heart. The heart always sees in totality, not in separation. The mind is fragmented, but the heart is unified. Living from the heart means living in unity. Full Participation brings you to the heart. Body Comfortable brings you to the heart. No Extra, No Judgment, Mutual Support, No Force—each of the Nine Principles of Harmony brings you to the heart. The Nine Principles are the emanation of the heart."