Essence of Breema: November 2008

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

The joy of doing Breema expresses itself in your entirety. You are not doing Breema— you are Breema. You are that which you are expressing. Putting your hand on someone's shoulder or picking up a cup becomes Existence manifesting itself. To get the actual taste and meaning of Breema, nothing is better than working with the Nine Principles. If you get Breema only in the form of the bodywork or Self-Breema exercises, you haven't benefited fully by what Breema has to offer. Breema is a universal principle, given to us to bring to our daily life. Everything you do in your daily life could be Self-Breema or Breema. When you shop, when you eat, when you walk, when you talk, there could be an inner atmosphere to support you to manifest in harmony. So don't wait until you have somebody to work on to practice Breema. Whenever your body is manifesting, that manifestation could be Breema. You only have to be present and know that your body is manifesting, that's all.
And if you can't be present, no problem. You can know you are breathing. Breathing brings you to the present, provided you remain with it. Sometimes you have to take several breaths, sometimes many, to come to that taste. It's different at different times, but that's always the direction.

A man found a gold coin and put it in his pocket. After a little while, he doubted that he had really found a gold coin. He put his hand in his pocket, but it wasn't there. He did it again—still not there. He kept on doing that, until a passerby said, "What's the problem?" "Well," he said, "I found a gold coin and put it in my pocket. But now that I'm looking for it, it's not there." The passerby said, "Put your hand in the other pocket." The man did so, and there was the gold coin. That's how we are. We receive something real. But then we want to look into our mind to find it, in our thoughts. We look, and it's not there.

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