Essence of Breema: October 2007

excerpts from classes at the Breema Center

Coming from complication to simplicity means, via the breath, coming to the body. Then everything falls into place. At any given moment you have a chance to experience that moment, only. Not what happened in the past, not what’s going to happen. This moment is what is given to you to experience. That’s all, and it’s the only possibility you have. So just come to it. The next moment will take care of itself.

Body-mind connection has a little of the taste of Existence already in it, because the feelings are close by. When body and mind remain together for a while, the feelings come in. I become unified in myself. That’s my receptivity. It nurtures my existence, my True nature. My consciousness opens up. Instead of looking only at the apparent world, I become open to Existence, to the Source of all reality. This connection to the bigger picture gives me confidence in my True nature. Then I’m not alone, I’m not separated. So fear disappears. I’m connected. I can take a step.

To truly give, we have to give that which we receive. So we always have to be open to our True nature. When I come to the taste of my Being, that emanation gives to the outside world. It’s not me who gives. But I exist. I am simply aware of the universal process. There is no giver, no receiver. Only giving.

The Nine Principles are nine streets that guide us to the avenue of being present. And the avenue of being present connects us to our True nature.

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