February 14, 2019

Our mind is always filled with thoughts—thoughts from the past, thoughts about the future, thoughts about all the impressions we receive from life, and thoughts that come from the way we are affected by events, by our desires, by our sensory perceptions. So our mind, as it is, is one obstacle to the knowing we need.

Our feelings are never present either. They’ve been mis-educated to chase after feeling “good,” and to run away from feeling “bad.” They only know “I like” and “I dislike.” They swing between these two poles, and so we experience our reactions to the events of life, instead of our real feelings. We think those reactions are our feelings.

Our body is another obstacle, because the purpose of having a body is unknown to us. We think we are this body. That’s like someone thinking they are their computer.

Our mind, feelings, and body react to life. But it is possible for us to become free from our associative thoughts and our emotional reactions to the events of life, to be who we really are for a moment, here and there. When you are really yourself, you taste I exist. Not theoretically, not philosophically, but as a tangible experience in yourself of the presence of your real I and its am-ness.

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