February 1, 2019

We do not know what we want. We want to be happy, but we don’t know what happiness is. We don’t have an aim, we just want something else, something “more,” something “better.”

But “more” and “better” mean nothing. By the end of the life of the body, what’s the value of “more” or “better”?

When we study Breema, we begin to work with the body, using the Nine Principles of Harmony to bring our body, mind, and feelings together. In a moment in which they are together, we receive Conscious energy. Then we have an aim. We want something real—the experience of I am. That’s what we are all in search of. But you don’t know what that is until you experience it. When you experience it, you are nurtured, you are inspired—by the taste of your existence.

Reality has to be tasted. As you are nourished by it, it becomes a light—the light of Consciousness. In the moment you wake up, you know by experience what that light is.

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