January 15, 2019

Life is eternal, and we are included in it. So our origin cannot be this Earth or our parents. Still,
 the body is an important aspect of our existence, because it receives every form of energy that exists in the whole universe. But we should not make the mistake of imagining that the energy we receive in the body comes from the body. The water in a cup is not produced by the cup. We have two aspects. One is this container, this cup. The other is the water in the cup. That can be experienced. “Come to the body” means come to taste. In taste, the container is included. Every cell of the body is a container for the life force that exists within it. To be present is to be present in taste, and that taste connects us to everything that exists. Because of the life force within it, every cell is a representative of the entire universe. The body is form. The life energy in it is the meaning.

From here, it is easy to understand that nothing can be a separate thing. There is one whole, unified Existence. Everything is interrelated and interconnected. In form—diversity. In meaning—unity. In the relationship between form and meaning is our potential for consciousness.

Here, the concept of birth and death, of appearance and disappearance becomes clear. Foam forms on the surface of the ocean. A breeze comes and the foam dissolves again into the ocean. We can’t say it doesn’t exist anymore, because the water that it was formed from is still part of the ocean. Nothing that exists can disappear. Life is beginningless and endless. The Law of Harmony cannot be disturbed. Form and meaning create order in the universe. To study that order is to study yourself.

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