January 26, 2019

We hear things literally. That means we look at things narrowly, in only one dimension. We see everything as black or white, always in opposites. If we think something is “great,” we don’t consider that it may also have aspects which are not.

But we could see things relatively. In relative thinking, we look from a somewhat higher dimension. We can see that things are not only positive or only negative—they have elements of both. Seeing things relatively means you see more than one side, so you don’t automatically react with criticism and negativity.

You may have an illness. Looking at it relatively, you can see that you are not sick, because you are not that illness. You may not have money, but you are not poor. Not having money is a condition. Tomorrow, you may have money. You may have a headache, but tomorrow, maybe not. Don’t mistake the conditions of life for yourself. Health refers to you, yourself, not your condition. If the cage gets rusty, you can’t say the canary is sick. Even death is a condition. Everyone is afraid of it, because we don’t understand that it’s a condition. When you come to the planet Earth, you are given a uniform—this body. When you’re finished here, you leave your uniform behind. The body goes back to the soil, but what does that have to do with you? You are not a condition. All conditions are temporary. But you, yourself are not temporary.

We have two aspects. One is temporary, and subject to “birth” and “death.” The other is our eternal aspect, which is not subject to birth and death. The meaning of Existence is eternal. Meaning is. You can’t say, “meaning was,” or “meaning will be,” because meaning is present in every moment.

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