January 28, 2019

If you think your hand is doing Breema, you’re missing the point. You are receiving life energy, and it is manifesting through the activity of your body doing Breema. You have to know that, you have to experience that. Then you don’t think you are your body. You know it is a tool. You know your mind and your feelings are tools. When you know that your body, mind, and feelings are tools, you may understand that you are the consciousness that is conscious of your tools. Your consciousness is your connection. It connects you, as a part, to the whole, and to the life force that supports you. When you are conscious, you take impressions of life that include the impression of yourself taking them in. You are included, never separate.

When you are present, you see things as a part of yourself, not separated. We experience life as a problem because we try to relate to everything via our identification with the past, and our hopes and fears about the future. But the present moment has no problems. It simply is. This is is free from the past and future, from everything that has been manifested, and everything that hasn’t yet. There is only one freedom—is. To be free means to come to I am—to is in you.

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