January 7, 2019

Sometimes it seems easy to be present, and sometimes difficult. It’s difficult when you try to be present in your mind. Your mind can philosophize, explain, and describe being present. It can write books about it. But it cannot be present. That’s because the mind only works with thought, and thought connects to material from the past and projections of what might be in the future. Even if your mind has an idea of what being present means and how to be present, it’s still only an idea.

Allowing yourself to become receptively connected to the body guides you toward the present, because the body, as it actually is, is present. The body is
not that physical “object” you see with your eyes.
 It’s the Consciousness which is conscious of it. It
 has an atmosphere you can taste when you become receptive to it. You can’t find that atmosphere in your mind, because thoughts don’t have it. Feelings don’t have it, and neither do sensations. The is-ness of the body, its existence, is what gives it its emanation. When you are receiving it, you are connected to the body in reality, and you yourself are real, you are present, because you’ve come out of your mind. Being caught in the mind means being so walled in by images and concepts that you are disconnected from reality. Any moment you come out of the
mind is valuable. When you come out of the mind, your thoughts, feelings, and sensations can still be there—you see them as functions that are taking place, but you don’t identify with them and mistake them for yourself. They don’t prevent you from being present.

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