July 25, 2019

If you are doing Breema and the Nine Principles are alive for you, your emanation is in tune with the recipient’s emanation. You do what you need—what is right for your body, for your feelings, for your mind, and precisely that gives the recipient what they can benefit from the most. That is Breema!

Breema is not about curing. What is healing? When you are doing Breema, a certain type of knowledge is deposited in the recipient’s body—knowledge of how to relate to their back problem, to their injury or illness. The treatment may or may not fix their problem. But a certain knowledge is with them that tells them how to have a proper relationship to their problem. That is what healing is. That’s all that’s really needed. The Breema treatment you give supports them to deal with their problem correctly. The problem itself may disappear or remain, but now they can benefit from it. That’s what Breema offers.

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