July 27, 2019

Our Being can radiate vitality. This is all we can do. We cannot directly give vitality to others, but we can be with our own vitality. That supports the transformation of the energy of the person you are working with. Their own center of vitality sends energy wherever it’s needed. We shouldn’t deceive ourselves and think we’re doing it.

Even if you had all the knowledge in the universe inside your brain, you still would never know what another person needs. To know what another person needs, you’d need to know absolutely everything about them starting from the moment of their conception, and even before. This level and quantity of information is impossible to amass or evaluate. Therefore, we have no right to judge while doing Breema, or to try to heal. When we want to heal someone, we are cheating both them and our self, because that desire comes from our mind, from our personality.

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