July 28, 2019

The right attitude for doing Breema is: “The recipient has the possibility to heal themself. I could serve as a catalyst by following the universal principles.” Then the recipient becomes a reminder for you to work on increasing your own vitality. You become grateful to them. You bow to them at the end of the treatment to thank them for this opportunity.

If someone feels smaller after you’ve worked with them, you haven’t really been doing Breema. Of course, Breema may help make someone’s personality smaller (by lessening their preoccupation and identification with themself), but their essence is nurtured. Your job is to be an affirming influence for anyone you work with. What are you affirming? That which is right. That which is light, alive, vital. That which has potential to become actual. Your duty is to acknowledge something in people that is real. This becomes your direction. As you learn to see life in others, your own life grows. Live life in order to become life.

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