July 29, 2019

In order to really live, and to increase our vitality, we have to learn to function unmechanically, fully in 
the moment. We have to learn to function with aliveness, alertness, and Consciousness. What we need in order to really live cannot be given to us by someone else. Life won’t accept a second-hand relationship. So don’t be a follower. Accept only what you can prove to yourself and use in your life. Let go of the imaginary powers that people run after and attribute to themselves without really having them. Why play at being a healer? Why put all your faith in the diagnostic power of the mind and the sense organs? They are limited to begin with, and they weaken and fade even more over time.

Then how can you support? First, you need a proper attitude. When someone comes to you, allow them to be what they are. Touch them with a nonjudgmental hand. As soon as you do that, you will see—their breathing becomes more natural. Because everyone
is thirsty for one drop of real friendship, one drop of real love. Everyone is thirsty to be accepted as they are. But people don’t accept each other. That’s why it’s as though everyone puts on a mask. Whenever they’re not accepted, they try a different mask. This goes on, day after day, until by the time we’ve become adults, we can no longer be found under all the masks we’re wearing.

The moment you touch someone nonjudgmentally, with acceptance, the masks start to fall off, layer by layer. Like all of us, the recipient has been buried under the weight of their accumulated masks, their personality. But now they can begin to breathe more freely. You are simply a catalyst.

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