June 11, 2019

To have the atmosphere of the Nine Principles in your body, you need to practice and receive a lot of Breema bodywork, and you need to do a lot of Self-Breema. When you have that, it’s as though you have a notebook with everything you need in it. When you need to, you open the book, take one look, and you are connected.

The understanding you gain from Breema is useful when it becomes practical—when you can apply it in your daily life.

In a Breema class, you may discover that when you touch the recipient, your hand is often tense, “disconnected” from the rest of your body. If you keep practicing, at some point, you experience that your hand is connected. Your whole body is represented by your hand. In truth, the entirety is represented by your hand. Once you’ve had a few tastes of this, you also have direction when you practice Self-Breema. And you can begin to practice being present in your ordinary activities. You begin to understand that the Nine Principles are not something man-made. They are the principles that connect you to the reality of your existence.

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