June 12, 2019

When you talk about something meaningful to you, and at the same time the desire for Self-understanding is alive, your experiences and insights can be available to you.

When you talk from what you’ve only heard or read, without taking it in and making it your own experience, another part of you is talking. That part talks to the same part of the person you’re talking to— the periphery, the surface. Only information gets exchanged. In reading, a similar process takes place. One part is reading. The second part is listening to what’s being read. We need to help the listener develop. It develops by becoming conscious of what it receives.

To become able to value what is valuable, we need to constantly “re-value” what we’ve received. That supports our consciousness to stay with us a little longer. Moment after moment, we have to take the substance of what we’ve read or heard and place it correctly. And in the next moment, we again have another exchange with life. We need to be awake while we’re having that exchange. That’s the territory of our consciousness. Then we can sort things out by seeing the real as real, the unreal as unreal.

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