June 13, 2018

Why are relationships so difficult? Those difficulties are there in order to help us see we can’t solve problems by dealing only with the observable. We have to come to the realizable, too. In the realizable, you find the meaning of whatever you’re having the problem with. And that meaning is not separate from the meaning of your own existence. Through the meaning, you come to unity. Another way of saying it is the universe is two things—meaning and form. You can’t find form in a meaningless universe. And you can’t find even one grain of meaning that doesn’t have a form. Meaning and form are always together.

If we relate to both, we have a real relationship. When you study a part, it’s impossible to know what it is, unless you see it in relation to the whole. You can take one cell of the body and put it under a microscope. You can describe its components and even break it down into electrons and electrical charges, but that’s all you can say. You still can’t understand it. But when you look at it in relation to the whole, you see that cell is part of the body. Whole and part have to be studied at the same time.

The meaning and purpose of relationships is to bring us from the part to the whole. Looking that way, the part becomes something new that relates to a greater whole. And that greater whole, in turn, becomes part of an even greater whole. Continuing, you discover that all dimensions of Existence have to be included in order to truly say, “I understand.”