June 14, 2018

If you become less subject to fear, you may discover that you have been given the capacity to love life— you begin to feel what you are really supposed to feel about life. Through love of life, you also fall in love with Existence, without making that into a concept. And then, you fall in love with what you could do to support your connection to Existence. As you move in this direction, you begin to let go of the biggest enemy in your life—the concept of separation. You have tastes that show you that you are not separate from anyone else, not separate from the whole of Existence, not separate from anything. There’s one whole unified Existence. The weeds that have grown and crowded your emotional aspect begin to disappear, because they don’t have fear to feed them. Fear is the result of the concept of separation.

This is always the direction, and it always needs to be supported. No matter how long we work with it, at any moment we are subject to find ourself thinking in separation. So we need to learn to unify ourself, within ourself. That begins with body-mind connection. And as you continue, you get glimpses of the fact that there is one whole unified Existence. The principle of the unity of all things slowly becomes clear.