June 18, 2019

When you do Breema because you love this activity that can bring you to the present, that’s really Breema. Breema is not to heal the recipient, not to relax them, not to make them more conscious. Breema is an expression of the wish for body-mind connection. When you touch someone and you are present, you know that’s Breema. Being present is not something philosophical, not something you can get with your mind. It’s a particular taste that you don’t know except at the moment you have it.

The present is free from past and future. That means free from associative thoughts and reactive emotions. It doesn’t mean there is no mind or feelings. Being present, you have a proper mind—a mind that is with the body—and feelings that unite with these two, to give you a taste of your existence. To practice being present, we need to work with the Nine Principles of Harmony. Because the principles are universal, they can connect us to the unity of Existence.

What’s your relationship to the recipient’s body? You really don’t know. But you can know your relationship to your own body. And that’s sufficient. You have an opportunity to come from the passive state to the 
active state, and from there, to the receptive state. In the receptive state, you are connected to unity.

We are always filled up with unnecessary thoughts and feelings. No one is there to sort them out. We need a system to digest the useful nutrients and eliminate the useless ones, just as we do for food. Being present gives us that.

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