June 26, 2019

We are always searching for a particular feeling, a feeling of total security. And because we don’t understand, we search for it outside. We accumulate material things, hoping to get from them a sense of security that can never be found in them. But it could be found in the taste of your own existence, when you come to the present moment. In the present moment, the story of life, which is created by the events of life, is not there. Instead, you enter into the true consciousness of yourself. You are in your home, and your home is the entire cosmos. That’s where we belong. That’s where we come from and that’s where we wish to be.

The mind, not understanding its purpose, becomes
 a house of thoughts. We forget it has the capacity to realize. So the mind becomes occupied by thoughts, ideas, and concepts. As a result, it leads us to want to possess things. And then, competitiveness arises, animosity arises. All of that arises because the mind takes itself to be separate.

When we bring body and mind together, and the feelings enter in, the mind changes its orientation. Instead of facing what’s manifested, it turns toward the Source. From the Source, the mind receives the light of its original nature—Consciousness. The aim is to go through life with that Consciousness. Consciousness has light, and with that light, we can see. What we are as a mind, as a body, as feelings, as sensations, becomes transparent in that light. We can see things as they are. Seeing things as they are is freedom. Freedom doesn’t mean not having thoughts. It doesn’t mean not having feelings, or not having sensations. Freedom means not being identified with thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Not taking thoughts to be you. Seeing thoughts as thoughts, feelings as feelings, sensations as sensations, the body as a body. In a moment of realization, you see you are not this body. The body is given to you as a tool to use so you can cognize your real nature, your Being-existence.

The body plays an incredible role. We have to work with it to become free from two enemies—tension and inertia. We become free from them by seeing them and not taking them to be us. Here, too, freedom means freedom from identification. We can’t eliminate anything in Existence. But we have been given the possibility, through our consciousness, to see what is, and become free from identification. The story of life remains, but this time, it’s clearly just a story. “I went to such and such a school. My grandmother was like that, my parents did this and that, I had this girlfriend or boyfriend, I used to make this much money.” All that is the story of your life. But your existence is free from the story.

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