June 27, 2019

We have memories—of what happened, of events. These are memories of the temporary aspect of life. But there is something else—the taste of is-ness. Memories of events come with the word “was.” “I was...” “I did...” They’re always in the past. But the taste of is-ness always is. It exists in the moment of waking up. All the moments in which you’ve been awake are present in the taste of being Conscious.

We automatically fill our mind with memories, and periodically, we go back and try to renew them,
so they don’t fade and disappear. But the taste of Existence never disappears, because it is you, yourself. Your Being participated in each of those moments of taste. And your Being is. We can’t apply the words “was” or “will be” to it, because it only is. That’s the aim—to come to the is-ness of Existence. When you come to it, you see that it’s not in time. It’s free from time and space. It’s in your eternal aspect. It’s what you are, independent of name, form, texture, or color. It’s what you are eternally. But to be that, we have to work towards it, because we’ve become so conditioned to mistake the obvious for reality. That’s just the story of life. When you tell that story, you remember the restaurant you were in, the school you went to, the friends you had. But you can’t actually see yourself.

You are the consciousness of those events. When
 you know that you exist, you’re not collecting memories. You have moments of realization, of being in Existence. That’s how consciousness grows. It doesn’t depend on your past—it depends on your essential desire. When that desire is present, you have a thirst for truth, a thirst for reality.

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