June 8, 2019

You have a mind that thinks. You have feelings that feel. You have a body that moves. What’s the relationship between these three? If you look, you’ll see they’re always in conflict with each other. Can any of these three be accepted to be in charge by the other two? No! No matter what your mind says, your feelings don’t buy it. None of these three accepts the authority of the other two. We need a fourth one, whose authority the mind, feelings, and body all accept. That authority is our real I. The direction towards finding that real I is to unify the body, mind, and feelings. We cannot feel this I, because it’s not part of our feelings. We cannot think it, because it’s not part of thought. We can’t connect to it with our sense organs, because it’s not in them either. But if the mind, feelings, and body come together and function in unity, they become receptive to that I. That’s the key. This real I exists and functions in the absence of associative thoughts and reactive feelings. The innermost part of yourself, the silence of yourself, is the house of the I.

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