June 9, 2018

Because we live our life in the mechanical dimension of consciousness, our relationships lack meaning. Meaning is not available in our ordinary level of consciousness.

Instead of trying to bring meaning to your relationships, leave them alone and bring meaning to yourself.

You could begin by taking a few minutes each morning and making that time meaningful to yourself, in whatever way you can. For example, you could sit and breathe and ask your mind to stay with your inhalation and exhalation for several breaths. You could do a few Self-Breema exercises. That time you establish for yourself could become the beginning of a foundation to support you.

When enough meaning is accumulated in you, you may even be able to see through the difficulties in your relationships. To begin to see through them, you only need one grain of reality, one grain of being present. Don’t expect others to change. Don’t expect them to be different. Your business is with yourself.