March 11, 2019

If you appreciate what you have and give respect to it, you become available to receive what you need. It’s important to support that which supports you. This principle is universal.

Whatever you are participating in, have a posture of willingness, of wishing to participate fully. There’s no “maybe,” no “should I or shouldn’t I?” You don’t need to go to your mind and compare yourself with others, or try to imitate them. Instead, wish to have a posture in life that is supportive to yourself and to the life you are surrounded by. If you work with this principle, things become simpler.

The mind tries to know. Being doesn’t—its knowing is not something mental. If you are receptive, you know if your direction is right.

Give value to that which you want to be valuable. Don’t expect the outside world to do it for you. Whatever you decide to do, give it support. Establish your posture towards life.

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