March 14, 2019

When your hand is on the recipient’s foot, are you working on the foot or the whole body? The whole body! But what does “whole” mean? How do you create a boundary for something that exists? There is no boundary! But if you think, “there is no boundary,” that concept becomes a boundary. To be free of boundaries, you have to see both ends of the stick—is and “is not,” Absolute and relative, part and whole, the drop and the ocean, understanding and ignorance. The connection between both ends is the reality of everything that exists. If you take off the roof of your house, what happens? You see the sky. If you take off the roof of concepts of your mind, you see the entirety.

The magic of Breema is knowing that your body
is breathing, because that’s the beginning of being present. There is one unified Existence. You are in the process of manifesting and being manifested. Between these two, there is a connection. That connection is who you are. You are not the “manifestor,” nor are you the “manifested.” You are the connection.

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