May 16, 2019

Our mind is very important to our life. We have to learn to work with it. When the heart supports the mind, the mind has a chance to see its own blindness. Then it wishes for light, and becomes open to the heart. Then it can receive Conscious energy. The mind that receives Conscious energy is very useful.

If you take firmness and gentleness as two, something more is needed to unify them. If you take heart and mind as two, something more is needed. That can’t be defined and it can’t be “found” because it is you, yourself. The unifier of the heart and the mind, of firmness and gentleness, of “heaven and earth,” is you, yourself. Your mind and your feelings are unified by understanding. When you wake up in yourself, you taste I am. I am is you, yourself. The solution to your life is to find yourself. The principle of Firmness and Gentleness is there for you to work with in order for you to come to the present moment.

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