May 18, 2018

We are not this body we see with our eyes. We are not the thoughts our mind thinks, nor the emotions we feel, nor are we the sensations we have. They are part of us, as is everything we hear, everything we see, everything we read. All of these together form one aspect of us, the acquired aspect.

At the same time, Existence has a hand in what we are. What we are at birth, what Existence gave us, is the child of Existence.

The part we acquired—from books, television, from everything we’ve taken in with our eyes and ears, from what we’ve acquired through imitation and education—forms another child, the child of society, that covers up the child of Existence. By a very early age, we think we are that child of society. Why? Because no one we meet talks about the child of Existence. Everything we hear about and encounter is expressed by the child of society.

The child of society wants whatever society wants. Success. A big name. Lots of money. To be better, more important than our neighbors. Look at how much you suffer when you think someone is better than you! That’s the child of society. We believe that’s who we are. The more we are educated, the higher our status, the more we are admired by others. Believing in that, we work to acquire a nametag we can wear on our chest. Then if someone asks you, “Who are you?” you answer, “I’m an engineer,” or whatever profession you have. We think that what we’ve acquired is us, rather than a tool we could use.