May 21, 2019

You might remember who first told you about Breema, or the first time you received Breema, or what you first read about it, but none of those are the real reason you became interested. If you look beyond the “story” of life, you can see that your interest comes from something within you, some part of you that wishes to be. You wish to know that you exist.

Our mind searches for something “complete,” something “set,” so we can relax and believe “this is it.” But as soon as you point to something and say, “This is it,” it isn’t. Because reality can’t be a set thing.

The most important aspect of life is the search itself. Wishing to understand is much higher than understanding. Once you understand anything, the wish to understand has to remain alive. You can’t truthfully say, “I understand,” without losing the dignity and meaning of the word. Really, you should say, “This is my understanding so far.”

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