November 10, 2018

You can’t achieve any of the Nine Principles, because in trying to, you only go after an idea of 
the principle. But the you that exists is unseparated from Existence, and knows the principle by being it. When you are really doing Breema, you experience that giving and receiving are the same.

When your hand is tense and you see that is so, and you simply see things as they are, you are doing Breema. Participating in your life without ideas, saying “yes” to things as they are is Breema, because life is that which is happening, nothing else. If your shoulder is tight, that is what it is. It’s not supposed to be any other way in this moment. That is what Existence is manifesting this moment, and in the next moment it may manifest differently.

Without ideas, you are in harmony with Existence, and in that harmony, your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and body are included. Right now you are looking at this page and reading it. But there is no need to imagine yourself to be John (if that’s your name) and say to yourself that John is reading this. You don’t really know who is reading. You are reading, and this you is actually Existence. Seeing that gives reality to you and to what you see.

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