November 17, 2018

In the moment you connect with the recipient’s body, it is no longer another body. There isn’t your body here and their body there. There is one body. That makes it Breema. And because there is one body, you let go of your commentary about the body, you let go of your thoughts comparing the recipient to yourself or others. All that remains is life being manifested, life giving to life, Existence manifesting itself. Because of that, your Being is nurtured. The way your body, your energy, and your emanation are invite the recipient to come to the same place— to a state of balance in which mind, feelings, and body are together, where there is no past or future, only one present moment. Moment after moment, life is giving to life, Existence is manifesting itself. You become free of all judgment about yourself and anything else. There is no sense of “I am good” or “I am bad”—only I am.

Because there is no conflict between your mind, body, and feelings, your activity is simply whatever is needed in the moment. You simply allow the life force to pass through your body, and your body manifests harmoniously.

To “learn” how to allow that, we work with the Nine Principles of Harmony. Nothing you do is for the sake of getting you to the next movement. What you’re doing in this moment is the only thing there is. No past, no future, only this moment. There’s no need to try to figure out what to do. “Both ends of the stick” are manifesting. One end is the life force manifesting. The other end is the body, receiving the life force. Life is giving to life.

There’s no need to diagnose, because the intelligence you use to diagnose is in a much lower level than the intelligence that the life force is manifesting. When “you” try to see what is needed, you move to a lower dimension of consciousness. So don’t diagnose—just manifest. Everything that is needed will take place. To come to trust that what is needed will take place is a big thing. When you have that, it’s not just your hand touching the recipient—it’s your hand plus the life force.

Breema is a natural process. The drops of water in the river don’t ask, “Should we go a little faster? Should we move closer to one bank or the other?”

It’s just a natural process. Breema is just like that. The life force passes through you like a river flowing towards the universal ocean of all that exists. When you move with it, you are fulfilling your potential.

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