September 6, 2019

We fill ourselves up with false meaning and try to draw a sense of ourselves, a sense of our existence, from the associative world. But all that is assumed. It is thought, conceptualized—not tasted. That’s why we’re so hungry—because we’re empty and we “eat” from an empty source that has no substance to nourish us. There’s nothing real in the relative, separate meaning we try to ascribe to it.

What exists? Existence exists. Anything else you try to bring to the field of unity shows itself as nothing more than a concept. There is no “you.” But when Existence is real for you, you become real, this paper is real, everything is real, because Existence is being you, being this paper, being everything. If you take away the imaginary separation, take away the idea that Existence is somewhere “there” and I am “here,” what do you find? Existence is where you are. Existence is you, in reality. That’s the only you that is not conceptual— becomes real for you, the more you exist, and the more everything exists. Existence is here. And there is only one real here, which is non-local. Just the same way that the reality of time is the Timeless moment, the reality of space is the non-local, spaceless here.

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