September 9, 2019

Our True nature emanates at all times. Its emanation is Consciousness. So there is always Consciousness. We are not connected to it, because we are preoccupied with our thoughts, our likes and dislikes, with jealousy, animosity, and all the other things we get caught up in. Our life is fear-based. And as long as it’s fear-based, we live in the absence of real love. Real love is where God appears. Real love means our intimate connection with the Source.

What we need to do is take a step in the direction of unifying ourselves. If you’re in your head, bring your mind to the body. Stay with that until your feelings join in. When you are unified in yourself, you can enter into the unity of Existence.

As soon as you come out of the Conscious dimension, you are back in a lower dimension, back to your ordinary chaos. When you enter into the Conscious dimension within yourself, the lower dimensions are still there, but you’re not identified with them.

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