Essence of Breema: Excerpts from Breema Center Books April 16, 2019

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from  "Real Health Means Harmony with Existence"

”Your body is not just matter. There’s a lot more to it. It has an emanation. When you do Breema, your direction is to come from the passive to the active state, by bringing body and mind together, and from the active state to the receptive state, in which body, mind, and feelings work together in harmony. That receptivity enables you to receive verification (through taste) of the fact that you have a body. Through your own receptivity, the recipient may also become receptive to their own body’s existence. When both practitioner and recipient have this receptivity, their emanation creates an atmosphere, a field. That atmosphere supports both to experience real health. In this way, Breema goes beyond the simple laws of arithmetic. One plus one becomes “two-plus.”"