Essence of Breema: 14 November, 2017

Large park with open field under the canopy of a prominent tree

It’s good to have a general blueprint that you can use to help you begin to look at yourself. Although you can’t know yourself by thinking, it is useful to have a framework in your mind to support you and give you direction. 

You have to look at yourself as two people, not one. One of these is the child of Existence—that which has been given to you by Existence, that which you were born with. The other is what society gives you—the child of society. 

If conditions on the Earth were such that we had truthful knowledge of our place, purpose, and potential in Existence, of the meaning and purpose of our life, the child of society would be formed in a way that would be supportive to the child of Existence.  

From Child of Existence, Child of Society