Mutual Support

Julia Heliconian butterfly resting on white flower

Any time you give support, Mutual Support is taking place, because you are receiving support simultaneously. When you are in a position to give support, it is because you have been supported to be in that position.

At any moment you manifest in harmony with your understanding, in harmony with your Conscience, in harmony with your True nature, you are being supported.

When you are present, others are supported to be present, and there is Mutual Support.
From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony
From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony read by Jon Schreiber.
We fulfill our potential to support life by realizing and expressing our true nature. The more our Being participates, the more we are able to support, and the more we recognize the support of Existence. Giving and receiving support happen simultaneously. This is the meaning of Mutual Support.
From Self-Breema Exercises for Harmonious Life
In our daily lives, we can actualize the principle of Mutual Support by raising our level of consciousness. By practicing Self-Breema and working with the principles, we raise our level of consciousness and become more present. When we are present, the body’s movements and postures (and all of its manifestations) harmoniously express the principles. The body becomes flexible and supports itself, effortlessly remaining in harmony with itself and its environment by participating fully in everything we do.
From Self-Breema Exercises for Harmonious Life

You can also download a "Mutual Support" poster here.