No Hurry/No Pause

Brilliant red poppy field un clear blue sky at dawn

Through connection to the body, we enter the present. Our Being participates, without hurry or pause, and our rhythm is the rhythm of Existence. Our movements and activities are in harmony with the natural flow of life energy.

No two movements are ever the same, and nothing actually remains as it was even a moment before. The value of each moment for us exists not in its particular manifestation, but in our correct relationship to it.
From Self-Breema Exercises for Harmonious Life
From Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony read by Jon Schreiber.
When you rush, time shrinks. When you’re relaxed, time expands. This is true even though it’s very hard for the mind to get. When you’re relaxed and doing something willingly, you’re participating in life.
From Freedom Is in This Moment
When you are present, you don’t experience even the slightest pressure of time. Whatever you do feels like the only thing that needs to be done, and you are doing it. You have no sense of time, because you’re living in the present. The pressure of time comes when you’re in the past or future.
From Every Moment Is Eternal

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