Self-Breema: Exercises for Harmonious Life


Jon Schreiber and Denise Berezonsky


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246 pages
81⁄2” x 11”, 39 photographs, over 400 illustrations.

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41 fully illustrated Self-Breema exercises and an introduction to Breema's Nine Principles of Harmony. Practicing Self-Breema helps us move in unity with the natural laws that govern life and health, and live in balance with ourselves, others, and all life.

Excerpt: Benefits of Self-Breema

Self-Breema is a unifying, harmonizing method. Harmony between our mind, feelings, and body is the key to a healthy life. The energy that becomes available to us when the mind, feelings, and body work in harmony can cleanse, balance, and energize every cell in the body.

The body becomes more balanced as we practice Self-Breema because it is touched by a higher intelligence: the Consciousness that knows we exist and that life exists.

By working with the Breema principles as we practice Self-Breema, we simplify and purify the activity of the mind and feelings, inviting a higher level of consciousness that is less mechanical and more purposeful to participate in the body's movements.

The physical body is a container. We usually fill it with thoughts and feelings that have a disharmonizing effect on our physiological function. When the container is filled by Consciousness, we experience aliveness and vitality in the body.

The movements of Self-Breema are balanced and in harmony with our essential nature. When Consciousness participates in our activity, the imbalanced vibra-tions we receive from our surroundings are transformed into harmonious energy that can be beneficially used by the body. Practicing Self-Breema invites physical flexibility, emotional balance, and mental clarity.

With this balanced state of mind, feelings, and body, we can take a step toward experiencing who we really are. Self-Breema allows us to take impressions directly from life, without first filtering them through the coarse consciousness of our associative mind and reactive feelings. By practicing just a few Self-Breema exercises a day, we can make balance a part of our day. Because these exercises are based on the laws governing nature, they guide us toward our natural state, and allow us to experience a vitality that rejuvenates us and purifies our relationship to life.

Worry, anxiety, and tension are the result of living in the past and future. The key to harmonious life is to be present. This is the aim of Self-Breema. Being present is our natural relationship to Existence.
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Self-Breema Exercises for Harmonious Life book by Jon Schreiber