Malouchek Mooshan

Field of brilliant red poppies with the colorful sky at sunset

Malouchek Mooshan worked with Jon Schreiber and a group of students to establish the Breema Center, and supported all aspects of its growth over a period of more than three decades.

He introduced Breema Bodywork and Self-Breema, and working with the Breema Center, helped Breema develop into the comprehensive and practical philosophy and teaching of unity that is presented today by the Center. The material published in all of our books comes from classes he taught at the Breema Center. He did not wish to receive personal recognition. Instead, throughout his life, Malouchek placed emphasis on Breema as a universal teaching for Self-understanding. He encouraged students to express their gratitude for what they’ve received from the Breema Center by applying Breema’s philosophy and the Nine Principles of Harmony to practice being present in daily life.