Practitioner Certificate Program FAQ


Q: How do I enroll in the Certificate Program?

A: Every student who wishes to become a Certified Breema Practitioner must enroll directly through the Breema Center by filling out an application. You can apply and fill out the application online or download a form to print, fill out, and submit in person or by mail. You can also request a paper form from the Breema Center office.

Q: Which Breema class hours count towards Practitioner Certification?

A: For the required 150 Breema class hours:

  • You need 50 Intensive hours at any Breema Center Intensive, or 50 EU Intensive hours since January 2016 (Graz, Bühl, Barcelona).
  • The 100 remaining required class hours can be a combination of Breema Center classes/Intensives or offsite Breema classes that have been approved for transfer credit. If you wish to receive credit for attending approved transfer credit offsite classes, please have your Instructor send a transcript of your class hours to the Breema Center.
  • For the required 15 hours of Anatomy and Physiology classes, you may provide a transcript from another school or take the Breema Center's home-study course.

Q: What is a documented Breema Session?

A: This is a 20-minute Breema session that you give outside of Breema classes, and for which you fill out and submit a Breema Session Report form. After each session, send your completed Report to the Breema Center. Sessions are to be done (and Reports submitted) after completing 25, 75, 100, 125, and 150 class hours. The Report form is available online, or you can request copies from the Breema Center office.

Once you are a member of the Practitioner Certificate Program, you will be able to log in to this website to submit Breema Session Reports online, you can request copies from the Breema Center office, or you can use this pdf:

Q: I have already accumulated many eligible hours. Do I still need to submit 5 Reports?

A: Yes. You can submit them based on the hours you already have. For example, if you already have 100 hours of transferable classes, you can give 3 Breema sessions, then write and submit 3 Reports. After you have completed 125 class hours, give a fourth Breema Session and submit its Report, and so on.